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New York in the Progressive Era - Social Reforms and Cultural Upheaval 1890-1920
T he years 1890-1920 produced sweeping reforms and profound change in American life and especially in New York State. Reacting to the great inequalities from the Gilded Age, reformers pressed for laws for better housing, early environment and wilderness conservation, women's suffrage, personal income tax, labor protections, and far more. The era saw innovative ways of combatting social issues like the Settlement House movement culminating in the University and Henry Street Settlements. An unlikely alliance of reformers and Protestant ministers also passed Prohibition laws. The book takes you on a journey of these social movements exposing their nuances and little-known dissenting voices.
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P aul Kaplan writes under 3 series: Cultural Guides, Social History & Biographies, and Business Marketing. He has been featured on the front page of New York Press, the long-running radio show America's Dining & Travel, the iconic African-American newspaper Amsterdam New York and Princeton Magazine.